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Spanish TaxationSpecialists in Spanish Income, Wealth, Capital Gains and Inheritance Taxes. This web site has been set up in order to provide some basic and hopefully helpful details about the main spanish taxes payable by individuals in Spain.

Announcement! Following the recent relection of the Spanish Government, Spanish Wealth Tax will be eliminated by 2009. Read more on the Abolishment of Wealth Tax in Spain. Read more

Spanish Capital Gains Tax! There was a time when anyone who had bought their Spanish property before 31st December 1986 was exempt from paying Capital Gains Tax. [THIS NO LONGER APPLIES.] Find out more

Impuesto sobre Sucesiones y Donaciones (ISD). Here we deal largely with the inheritance taxes payable when property is transferred by way of the death of one of the owners. For more on how Inheritance Tax may affect you

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Overseas Pension Transfers (QROPS)

What is Free My Pension? and how can I transfer my pension overseas?

If you live overseas you are entitled to move your pension with you and whilst it has always been possible to transfer and or take pension benefits abroad, under pension simplification in April 2006 this became very much easier.


Retire to Spain

With more than 100,000 individuals annually relocating to Spain, some to retire, some simply to experience and enjoy life in a different country.

It is essential that some thought or planning takes place in regard to things like income, capital, tax, healthcare provision.

There seems to be a general assumption that it’s the same as in the UK, unfortunately it isn’t!


Pensions in Spain

If you are considering retiring to Spain then pensions, how they get paid and the taxation of, is likely to be of interest to you. In some circumstances your pension is non-taxable in Spain; in others your tax position is worse; surely it is worth finding out.

If you are not retiring but coming to work, live and enjoy a different lifestyle you will still need to think about what best to do with any existing pension provision and beyond that how you are going to provide for yourself at a time when you are no longer working.

Pensions in Spain